Why are we fascinated with Freddie Prinze?


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Why are we fascinated with Freddie Prinze?
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Freddie Prinze is forever in our hearts

Written by: De De and Tracy

Title: Why are we fascinated with Freddie Prinze?

   Freddie Prinze has been dead for 24 years now. As a female I do believe women see Freddie as someone they wish they had been romantically involved with. He was a perfect picture of what most women look for, 6'2" in height, beautiful, big huge brown eye, the type of eyes women call the "I Love You Eyes," and some say " The Bedroom Eyes," his skin was so naturally dark, extremely smooth, with a million dollar smile that would make a woman melt in below weather degree. He had deep sexy dimples for days. Freddie's moustache drives women wild, his hair was charcoal dark, shiny, bouncy, full, long and absolutely gorgeous. He had solid muscles,  when he worn tight jeans you could see his nice round buns, and the private part have women having dreams about him, such as "I wonder how good is he"?  His hands have women wanting to be caressed by him. Freddie was tested as a genius, spoke more than one language. Everything about Freddie was perfect, his hands, eyes, hair, nose, built, height, weight, brain, and fingers. In addition to everything, Freddie was a gifted self-taught himself to play drums, a guitar, and a piano. He was an outstanding dancer and singer. His talent does not stop there, Freddie studied Karate, Ballet, and the list goes on. He was a talented Comedian-Actor that had big dreams of becoming the best scriptwriter, producer, director, and set out to be the next Norman Lear. He had a head start by forming his own production company called Hunga Rican Production. Freddie is someone we cannot and will not allow to be forgotten.

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Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze